Thursday, August 2, 2012

things are right in my world

I can tell I am happy cause all I am thinking about today is:
baking lots of treats, 
doing crazy things, 
and going on adventures. 
Like,  once this cake gets out of the oven we'll sell all our possessions (ummm we did that before, remember?) and move to San Francisco.  And live in a tiny apartment and ride our bikes everywhere. And then I'll get a sleeve tattoo and buy a puppy and name him Kevin or some other funny, very human name. Also, I am very interested in having pink hair.

This is honestly a sign for me that I know things are right in my world, and that I am happy. I get surges of creative inspiration, or get wonderlust ideas and it just makes me happy. How bout you? Pink hair make you happy, too? Or maybe just french bulldog puppies?


Megan Marie said...

yes yes yes yes yes.

kaila mo said...

ohh my that dog is so adorable!! and your girls are precious! and hey teal hair makes me happy, i have a streak in my hair, does that count?? haha lovely blog!