Thursday, August 23, 2012

thursday nights:

Thursdays at 4:00 pm I start packing a picnic.
By 4:45 we three ladies are loaded and buckled into the car along with a big blanket, bikes, picnic food,  and a few ponies for good measure.
Around 5:00 we pick up Chad (as long as he has no meetings).
We arrive at a park by 5:10 and eat, chase, ride, and pick flowers that we aren't supposed to.
At 5:45 we are all packed up, and then Chad drops me off at the gym
6:00 I start my adult swim lessons.
I love it.

My parents put me through swim lessons all the way to 7th grade. So basically mini-swim team.
Well I forgot everything I learned back then, and our gym offers adult swim lessons. Chad suggested it cause I have been wanting to swim as a work out but know I'm just doing it all wrong. So long story short, we signed me up and I am so glad we did.
So far (only two weeks in) I am working on free style and back stroke. Everyone in the class are different levels (training for a triathlon, learning how to not doggy paddle....), so its a party.
And I have only ran into someone twice. Backstroke...I am all over da place.


Celeste said...

dude as a commplete professional swimmer (ie my parents *made* me pick something, ANYthing to do in high school and I picked the one thing that involved no running and stuck with it all three years) who specialized in backstroke, (went to region 3 years running thank you very much) my advise is to just not yell at whoever you bump heads with. it gets you nowhere. specially not once you realize that you're totally in their lane, not vise-versa. not that I would know. blah blah blah. i love swimming. i love you.

Andrea said...

Swimming is my favorite work out ever! Good for you!!