Sunday, September 2, 2012

girl's night, last night

Last night I hosted a girl's night.
  • Made chocolate chip cookies...stuffed with oreos and snickers
  • talked a lot
  • laughed a lot
  • painted finger and toe nails
  • made necklaces 

It was so much fun, every time I go to or host a girl's night I think: "I need to do this more often!".
And so, I made a vow with myself, that I will make that happen.

For the cookies I just made regular ol' cookie dough, and smooshed the dough around the oreos and snickers. Stupid good.

For the necklaces, I used THIS TUTORIAL. I kinda tweaked it. Cause I used smaller chains with clasps (I cut it in half and then attached the beaded wire to either ends. And instead of using wire, I used long earring wire thingies... just follow the tutorial if I am too confusing, or email me for detailed questions. 
(thanks for the tip Whitney!)

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JDS said...

It was fun! Thanks for the invite!