Tuesday, October 30, 2012

caramel apple dream'n

Last night, Chad and I made these caramel apples:
Apple pie caramel apples.
Basically they are the best thing in the world. And I am obsessed. We made a dozen and as soon as they were cooled we ran all over delivering them to friends cause we were so excited to share our new discovery.

Its a green apple, dipped in homemade caramel (NOT the kind you just unwrap and melt), then dipped into white chocolate, then dipped into  cinnamon+sugar.

You will die. A very, very happy sugar induced death. And when you wake up in heaven you will eat these for the rest of eternity.

We got the recipe from HERE

(our tip: when you do the cinnamon and sugar, do half brown sugar and half white sugar, and only 2 tsp cinnamon instead of 3, AND add a few good shakes of salt to the caramel when you add the vanilla)


Katelyn Haas said...

ive had these before and yes..they are to DIE for!!! :) could really use one right now! :)

Teresa said...

That is a very cool picture. The brilliant green of the apple and the shadow of the stick make it look like a green eye. A green eye with a beam protruding from it, but an eye none-the-less. This treat looks fantastic. How fortunate your local friends are! And distant friends, too. Thanks for the recipe!

Daniel and Belinda said...

I was looking at this from a weird angle, and I also thought it was an eye at first before I started reading. But now that I know what it is, it looks yummy!!

Hays said...

okay. i'm on it.