Sunday, October 28, 2012

my Lily goat.

Friday night I had my first cry over the fact that Lily will be in kindergarten in less than a year.
I know, I know, I have lots of time. And it will be great for her, and for us. 
But it suddenly hit me that my big girl will be gone FIVE DAYS A WEEK, 8 AM - 3 PM, the whole dang year.
I am going to miss this kid so much it already hurts.

She is so genuinely kind. She wakes up and asks Chad and I how we slept, what our dreams were like. Whenever Chad gets home she says "Daddy! I love you, how was work today?" all un-prompted, just she genuinely cares. 

She is so sweet to her sisters, is a great example to them on being so gentile and sweet to others.

She is so creative, the world is her canvas. Always drawing in dirt, or making designs with grass outside. When at the grocery store she opens the freezer doors and draws smiley faces all over the place along with her name, the second "L" is always backwards. If she's not playing ponies or making up a princess adventure, she is painting or making creations with play-do. 

She is genuinely just a happy person. She lights up my life. She goes to bed at night and I am so excited to see her in the morning. She's asleep right now, snuggling up with a rubber snake and a couple barbies I am sure. I can't wait to sneak in and snuggle with her for  a few minutes and smell her sweet smell and brush her wispy little hair.  

Knowing that in a matter of months, she will be moved on to a next big stage in her life (and mine!) has changed my mindset a little bit, actually a lot. I am much more patient, I don't stress about a messy house as much, cause I know I need to get some good play time, create time, reading time, painting time, and snuggling time in while I can, whenever I want. Cause soon I will only get her after 3 until bed time (insert me getting all choked up again).

Now if you will excuse me, I have a big almost kindergartener to go snuggle. 


Kelsey said...

Rach, I feel ya. I cried the whole first week of kindergarten, and it's only half day here! I couldn't even put the poor girl in preschool when she was 4. And yes, I cried dropping her off the first day.

Although, now I just love getting to help in her classroom and seeing her with her new friends and hearing all about the cool stuff she is learning. My favorite part of the day is picking her up and listening to her talk to whole ride home.

I don't know why they refuse to stay little for us.

Bethany, Scott, and family said...

Ditto to those thoughts!!! Kindergarten here we come!!!

Rachelle said...

i felt that way last year during kinder orientation and the whole first week of school. i cried. a lot.

it still bothers me that she is gone every single day. we miss her so much. but she is learning so much and for the most part is happy.

you have lots of time to prepare! she'll do great!