Wednesday, October 3, 2012

dr. doofenschmirtz

How do you know you need to blog?
I get a voicemail from Grandma Dolly asking if I am ok, cause it's been so long.

So here ya go!
First off, check out Eden, she's the bomb:
I feel like a lot has happened since i last blogged...but nothing specific comes to mind.
Ummm... I got noth'n.
But we put the girls down, made some chocolate pudding, and now are watching Phineas and Ferb. Anyone else love that show?
I literally laugh out loud, multiple times an episode.

The past weekish:
  •  we have been on making house plans from random barns and shops. IT MUST HAPPEN SOME DAY!
  • planned Christmas presents (going %100) homemade this year! Sup. Eat your heart out Martha.
  • My sister had a baby girl, Clara! Its KILLING me I cant be there and snuggle and smell that sweet girl.
  • My other sis is pregnant! Check out this sweet video of her gender reveal: HERE. Baby will make the grand entrance in Feb, along with my OTHER sis who will be coming home from Thailand from her mission

See, things are random and good up in here.

There ya go Grandma, we're alive and well!

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