Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mo's....we're taking over the weekend!

This weekend is General Conference.
For those not down with the Mormon lingo, it's when our church leaders give talks that help uplift, motivate and just plain feed the soul every April and October. General Conference is not just for us Mo's its for the whooooole world, in fact, its broadcasted in 93 different languages to 197 different countries. The things taught are to strengthen the spirit, or heal our hearts and help us become better, and stronger children of God. So feel free to join in on the fun. 
Every time I keep a prayer in my heart, with any heartache, concerns, questions, hopes that I have and I am always amazed how many answers that I receive, sometimes so specific it feels like the men and women speaking wrote the talk just for me.

To watch, it's going down today (Saturday) and tomorrow at 10 AM (MST) and 2 PM (MST).
For us we're headed to our friends house for lunch, dinner, and a looooot of homemade caramel popcorn.

Check it out HERE!

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Megan Marie said...

awessssssssome so far!