Friday, October 5, 2012


***precurser: this is a blog post about weight, this will be the first and last time I mention this...cause i hate when people talk about being "fat". This is for documentation sake.***

January, two years ago I was frustrated with my body, and me, I was chubby, and didnt like it.
I got a invite to join a biggest loser competition, I thought about it and signed up.
I never thought that I was super competitive, I mean, I have played soccer my whole life, and I would play hard but I knew it was just a game. I never cried over a loss, or not making it to the finals at state like some of my team mates.

But. I guess I am competitive, cause I lost 25 lbs the few months I was in the competition. I was winning, actually!....but then had to drop out the last few weeks cause I found out I was pregs with Magnolia, and in that disqualified you. I still felt like a winner though, cause I was down back to my high school size.
Well, I am back feeling like I did two years ago. Frustrated with myself for having motivation that waxes and wanes. I feel good, but still am not where I want to be. I want to have the increase in energy and ability to just run for miles and fit back into my favorite jeans.

I saw this at the gym this morning.
I called, and signed up.

My game face is on.
I am in it to win it, and I mean business.

Mamma needs some new skinny jeans.

Watch. Out. 


Megs Holden said...

Get it gurrrl!

Hays said...

go for it! you are an animal!!!

Rachel said...

You are awesome! Go girl!

Megan Marie said...

you go!