Tuesday, November 6, 2012

always on my mind

It's so fun to be in a place of our own and having the ability to do whatever we want to the place.
My mind is literally swimming with ideas, paint colors, flooring, bedding to make, new couches, counter tops, art to make/fame...
Seriously, I do love it.

But it has been a big lesson of patience for me. I am the girl that makes up her mind and wants it DONE. NOW.
You know how it is, when you want your hair cut/colored and you want it done yesterday. That's how I feel with paint and all that other stuff.
Patience, for funds and time that is.

In the mean time it is fun to know that in a couple years our house will look much more like "us" and no so much like a super beige track home.

Thats all.

To see what contributes some of the fuel for my inspiration and flooded mind, my pinterest will clue you in. Check it out HERE.

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Traci said...

I am the same way. When I make up my mind, it should've been done yesterday. Every paycheck we each get a small "allowance" - money we can spend however we want. It used to be spent on cute scarves, shoes, jewelry, etc. Now it's all spent at Lowes. Yesterday I spent it on trim and Jeff spent his on electrical outlet supplies :-) So every two weeks our home improves by $60. lol! Home ownership is fun!