Friday, November 2, 2012

just cause I love what they have to say

Things that have been said lately that make me love the way my girls think:
We were on a walk the other day and passed this house with the statue of that majestic, white cat. And Lily said: "Oh no! That poor kitty, a mean witch turned him into a stone cat!" I asked some more questions and turns out, according to Lily, all statues are innocent victims of a mean witch turning them into stone. She believes this with all her heart.

Today I went crazy and bought my kids "crazy bugs!" macaroni and cheese. And with her mouth full, Eden told me that if we eat this every day, we'll turn into butterflies. 

On an other occasion, there was a cricket on our front porch, just hanging out, the next day it was gone but there was a pebble near where it had been and Lily explaimed: "Look! the cricket turned into  a rock!"

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