Thursday, November 1, 2012

November the first

All week we said that we were going to carve pumpkins after dinner....well last night at 6:00 pm as we are heading out to trick-or-treat Lily exclaimed: "Mommy! We forgot the pumpkins!"
I told her maybe we would make thanksgiving pumpkins this year instead.

So, during Maggie's nap this morning we carved pumpkins. 
We have talked all week what we would carve into the pumpkins, usually unicorns or silly faces were decided. But on the big day of actually deciding on what to carve...
Lily chose: a bomb. (what the?!!)
and Eden chose: a "mean" fish.
And the third, (Maggie's) I cut a house and windows in it, and all day they have treated the thing like a house for their ponies.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

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Erin_C said...

You're not the only ones! We've been meaning to do it too, but just too crazy. We are planning to do them Saturday night :) I'm all for Thanksgiving Jack-o-lanterns!