Saturday, December 22, 2012


So, I broke up with instagram a few days ago. 
You know, that cool app on your smart phone that makes your pictures cute and lets you share them with a bunch of friends, instantly?

I am really trying to eliminate things that distract from the most important.
It was a little thing, that didn't really matter, but it needed to go.

Fact: you can survive with out social media apps! In fact, in a way it's kind of liberating?

I have been in a long relationship with facebook. And I can't quite decide if I want to dump that, too. I would miss a lot of connections from people I never talk to...but is that a bad thing, really?

This is a rather ramble-y post, probably because it is way way way  past my bed time and literally all I have eaten today is chocolate.

I guess bottom line: simplifying and focusing on what is best: my babies and husband is great and I want to dump all social media (besides blogging)...

Aaaaand that's all I got.


Kali said...

I dumped facebook for the summer to focus on my daughter, and never went back - that was two summers ago. I do miss it sometimes, but I don't miss the fake everything is fantastic in life posts from people I knew long ago that don't really matter anymore.

hcgmom87 said...
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Daniel and Belinda said...

I still have an old flip phone, that's how cool i! Maybe before dumping Facebook completely, you should do an unfriend splurge. So the only people you hear about are the people that you truly care about.

Rachelle said...

probably for the best. although, i'll miss ya! im not on facebook so that's why i dig instagram. and i rarely blog now because of it. :(

i'll have to check in more often here with you!!