Thursday, December 27, 2012

the Christmas post that wasn't

Well, I had planned on doing a big christmas post with a lot of pictures and a run down of what we did. But the fact is,  I got distracted by THIS BLOG and my mind is swimming in a big full crafty sea. AND  also, I feel like christmas isnt quiiiiiite over yet. The decorations are up, I still am not afraid of Christmas music...Chad's got a three day weekend....I am just not ready to let it go quite yet. Ok?

But I will leave you with this one picture:
Those would be my animal print leggings+green polka dot rain boots.*

*not pictured, faux hawk.


I must say, before I go, this whole Christmas season, I have been filled with love. We were blessed beyond measure. We had multiple secret santas, people just being extra kind, my kids being extra adorable, Chad being extra has been nothing short of magic. This year, I will always carry in my heart. I just really, have not stopped smiling.

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Kelsey said...

I wearing those exact pants right now and most mornings. luckily Macey isn't at the age where she is embarressed by how I look at Kindergarten drop off. :)