Tuesday, December 18, 2012

floor > camera

Saturday morning we ripped up our nasty, really trashed carpet.
Saturday night, 3 friends came over after kids went to bed and all 5 of us put in hard (fake) wood floor until 1 am. We were super slap happy and crazy on spicy doritos, but we did it and had fun, too!

I love it. The girls call it: "the dancing floor!", logically.
I sold my Nikon camera to get this floor. I never used it, these dang cell phones make it so much easier to take pictures RIGHT NOW when you need it. 
So I sold it, it's a bummer not to have it, but honestly this nice floor trumps the camera, any day.

So...hope you don't mind %100 phone pictures on here, at least for the next little while.

1 comment:

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