Sunday, December 16, 2012

a re-post

I wrote this blog post almost two years ago. I was thinking about this a lot the past few days. I also keep the quote "the future is as bright as your faith"-Thomas S. Monson running through my head if my thoughts get shaky and my mind wanders:


Remember that one post a while a while ago where I talked about a dream I had?
Well, I said I'd probably share that other one I had, and its been on my mind a lot lately. So might as well write about it right?
I woke up from this dream with my hands over my eyes.
In my dream I was in one of the twin towers on september 11th, 2001. It was so vivid. I watched people's reactions to what was happening, some were frantic and jumped. I saw one couple who's desks were next to each other, and their pictures from vacations. They held hands calmly with tears in their eyes and waited for their fate. (I am not saying I actually saw actual experiences, this was just my dream). It was a terrifying and very real dream. Because people really did go through that.

I woke up from that dream, rather emotional. 
WHY. Why did that have to happen? Why did God let that happen?

Slowly an answer entered into my mind. I don't need to focus on the WHY, because honestly, what difference does it make? Whatever happened still happened weather we know the reason or not, right?
Focus on how. How we can not only make it through something hard, but to find joy and peace.

A few days after my mom died and we had the funeral, a family-friend quietly handed me a wrapped large rectangle and walked away. Inside was that wrapping was the picture of Christ I have on my shelf. That picture of Christ holding a little girl, with his arms around her. Maybe that little girl was 11 like me, and her mom just died? Christ was there, holding her.

I think there is so much happening in the world right now that is confusing, and painful, and scary, and hard. Christ is the how. Christ is how we find peace. How we have joy again. No matter what happens, nothing is too big for Him to handle. Whether you are experiencing a loss, dealing with a spouse that has an addiction, infertility, divorce, unemployment, loneliness, He is the HOW. 

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