Thursday, January 17, 2013

crazy face|work face

One of my favorite times of day( night) is right now.
It's when the girls are down for the night. 
We dink around on our laps tops...well I do, Chad usually is working. 
We laugh at stuff, I show him all my millions of ideas and things I want to create.
He tries to explain to me corporate accounting (insert me smiling and nodding, and repeating what he said to make it sound like I'm following...)
I make crazy faces.
And then we go to bed, if Chad's lucky, I'll go to bed in my sexy baggy long johns.

Well, tomorrow if Friday and isn't that glorious?
This weekend Chad is taking Lily on a camp-out and I will snuggle with Eden and Maggie in my bed.
(That reminds me, when tucking Eden in tonight she whispered: "Momma, hurry and go to sleep so I can sneak in and snudgle with you. In your bed" )
 And I might get really crazy and listen to pod casts and organize our disaster of a pantry. PAR-TAY! Don't act like your'e not jealous.

I need to stop typing now.

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