Friday, January 18, 2013


All a sudden I would say a large handful of my friends are wanting to get a tattoo, kind of out of no where. Seriously, like bunch of my friends with in the past couple days, something's in the water around the nation. And it reminded me about a blog post I wrote a few months ago, THIS BLOG POST
And I talked about how I was thinking about getting a tattoo?
I wanted this one, to be exact.  
I had the images saved on my phone and computer, I would look at it all the time, just craving it.

And now I look back on that period on my life (just a few months ago!) and am so glad it's over.
I was a post-partum mess (babies reeeeeally take their toll on me).
Bottom line: I was craving something permanent, something that I would know would stay, and not leave.
I mean, we were just winding down for years of: babies, under grad, grad school, lots of moving, crappy jobs, unemployment, and just a whole lot of unknowns.
And my wanting a tattoo was how that craving for something permanent was manifested. I am so glad our budget was (still is!) tight cause otherwise I would have ran out and got this one. I am glad because I know, after the dust settled (which it has!), I would regret getting it. 

In my church, tattoos are discouraged, not against the rules, or people will kick you out if you have one, or even judge you. But our view is our body is a gift from God, even a  temple, and its not our place to permanently mark it. At least that's how I understand it. And I know I would regret it because, I would have to explain to my girls, while having a sleeve tattoo that they shouldn't get one, because we're counseled not to. 

Do I think tattoos are evil? No.
Do I think people who have tattoos bad, evil, dumb? No way.

I just felt like I needed to clarify about that post. And where my mind was. 
And please, friends, this post was not directed at anyone, you just sparked the thought and I wanted to document for document sakes. And I understand, by writing this post, I may offend someone, sorry if I did. Not my intent. But, bottom, line, this is my blog/journal, for me and my posterity, and I need to clarify and write my honest thoughts down.

Annnd now I'm done.

Adios amigos.


ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

being one of those friends, all i can say is, thanks for the pics, new one to add to my pinterest board dedicated to awesome tattoos:) and the only way you offend me is by not posting more pictures of your cute face and hair!! Love you!

Megan Marie said...

love love love you.