Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day one+bed head

Aaaaaaaaand today starts day one of training for my first half marathon.
And its very below freezing outside.

I'm kind of nervous, I have ran a full marathon before (pre-babies), 5K's, 10K's, but never a half. So this is new to me.
I have a training buddy who I plan on her kicking my trash. We have  a good, realistic schedule set up. I have cut gluten out so I won't have to worry about joint pain, the odds are hopefully in my favor.

Wish me luck.

I need it. 

I have become a fair weather runner, all of Idaho, Oregon and Washington are gone out of my system and I can't handle it being cold. 

I hate treadmills, but: I am not really in the mood for pushing  a double stroller + Lily riding her bike next to us in the freezing cold. And I have a strict no-running-alone-in-the-dark rule.

...So the gym it is!
And I fully intend to entertain my fellow gym buddies with my amazing bed-head. I have never experienced REAL bed head. It's out of control and amazing. There's no bobby pins, no pony tail, just pure, honest, insanity.

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Tif said...

Yay for training! Do you have a training schedule you might point me in the direction of? I'm really bad about goals. The lady at the running store last week asked me what my training goal was. Um....well....see, if I set a go I tend to then self-sabatoge and do everything I can think of to not achieve it! But really if like to be able to run a half fairly comfortably, full by the end of the year. But I don't know how to get there without overtraining. So today I just ran a 10K instead...on the treadmill...while feeling like a gerbil on a wheel!