Monday, January 14, 2013

as dinner simmers and the babies sleep

Last night before we fell asleep, with our lamps just about to be clicked off, I said:
"this is the happiest I have been, since, basically I can remember"
 My life just feels so calm. 
And, not by chance, I have eliminated a lot of unnecessary things.
We the only thing we have scheduled during the week is: dance class, tuesdays, for an hour.

There's no preschool, no swim lessons, no busy-ness and I have to say, it's wonderful.
We do things at our pace. We play with friends, we make ice cream, build forts, go to parks, watch a lot  of movies involving: fairies, ponies and princesses. We practice our alphabet and numbers in the mud, and bath markers. We work on and make our own puzzles, we do things how we want to do them.
We take naps when we are tired, (sometimes, to Bambi in my bed!).

This is the last year we get to live like this. In August, my oldest baby will go to kindergarden FULL TIME, (5 days a week, 8-3!). So We are living it up. I know life will continue to be wonderful and peaceful as the years go by, but it will be done differently.

When I say: "life is good"...
 I really mean it.


Kelsey said...

so glad you are enjoying your schdule free life!! We did the same thing last year and loved it.

and yay to being happy.

will and tiff said...

love this. and thank you. i am slowly coming back into the blog world, which means i will be remembering to read them. which means my life is made a bit better by posts like these. thank you! and enjoy the calm.