Tuesday, January 1, 2013

lucky '13

So, it's a whole new year.
This will be the first year in like.....ever? in our marriage that nothing BIG is happening. Meaning: no new baby/being pregnant, no moving, no new job, no buying a house, no graduating from something...For the the first time ever things are going at a steady pace and nothing big (that we have planned!) is happening. And I must say, its really nice knowing that. This whole stability thing is a new concept to me.

We talked this morning as we were passing Maggie back and forth (poor little sickie) about different goals for heath, creating more experiences, making our house more of our home and keep on being tight on budget to continue (slowly) chisel away at our boulder of student loans.

2013 is going to be a good year.
 I keep saying in my head "lucky '13" so maybe that will be my theme this year, it's going to be lucky. 
My soccer coach would always tell me: "you make your own luck". 
And I plan on making this year very lucky.

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