Tuesday, January 1, 2013

rock on 2013

Towards the end of 2012 (that was yesterday, weird) I started to learn that I really love myself, not in a prideful way, or conceded, but became more and more comfortable in my skin. I have always been a person of little inhibition, there aren't many things I think I can't do. 
But I've fully embraced that mind set recently, and I have to say I like it.
I mean, I am almost(!!!) 27, I have three kids, live in a small farm town in Arkansas...and I wear a faux hawk and leopard print skinny jeans.

Why? Because when I look in the mirror it makes me happy.

I have realized the more I do the little, insignificant things that make me happy: make paper mache barnacles, sew a star wars quilt for Chad, bark at dogs out my window as I drive by, make lots and lots of homemade ice cream, listen to music that really resonates with my soul and wrestle with my kids on the trampoline (to name a few), the more the little things reflect on the big things. The more they reflect on life in general. 

This 2013 I want to focus on doing all those little things that make me happy, so they continue to reflect on the big things.

Rock on 2013.

ps- how you liking my 100% camera shots? I miss my camera, but every time I look at my floor...I'm over it. 


April said...

I love this blog post, you are so funny. I love the remark about barking at dogs outside your window! You are hilarious. By the way, this is the first time I've seen your blog in weeks...I have kinda been out of it! I LOVE the hair, you look so great!

Lindsay said...

Good, Rachel... You know, you have done so many things many have never done...and set a good example at the same time. I am turning 30 this year...and I have 2 kids and really hope we can magically have enough money for a house....but it doesn't really matter. I feel young. My children remind me to live in the moment and provide. I love figuring out who I am also! Have a great year!!