Monday, January 14, 2013

sign of a good weekend:

...a totally disheveled house.

How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty rad. Played on a farm, went on a big group date (Red Robin has gluten free buns! First burger in months!), was spiritually edified, made a carnitas for the first time and will be doing those again, got to spend time with old friends...all in all, good-busy.

Chad and I of course started more projects that we didn't finish, I have learned to embrace this about us.

Next up, restore order in the girl's rooms that currently look like they barfed toys.

Happy Monday!

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Tif said...

Fun weekend! We started keeping some GF buns in the freezer for Keira and we bring one with us when we go out to eat so she can still get herself a bacon cheeseburger. Good to know Red Robin has the buns!