Thursday, January 31, 2013

THREE things this thursday

(discalimer: if you are new to reading my blog, you must know, 
never to expect a normal picture of myself.)

ONE: Tonight is girls night. Meaning I got o my favorite restaurant  (Table Mesa! They have lavendar cream soda...need I say more??) with 7 other girls, and we eat a lot, and laugh really loud, and some of us may loose bladder control cause most of my friends going have a minimum of 5 kids, and we stay too long and annoy the waiters, and maybe if we get crazy, we miiiight go see a movie, any good movies out there?

TWO: Today, I bought new hand soap, yellow lilies, and some pomade. Its amazing how much a good smell can influence my day. I basically could take on anything as long as I'm smelling good. Or, at least that's how it makes me feel.

THREE: If I ever need time to myself (like right now) I simply turn the on the shower, toss in some ponies and bath markers, and my girls stay in there 'til I'm done, or the hot water runs out...which ever comes first. I have never said I was environmentally conscious.

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Jessica said...

#3 used to be my survival tactic.