Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On this styrofoam wednesday at noon

Today has been  a super productive day.
Thanks go Florence, and my kids getting along well and being easily entertained.
My long to-do list is almost all checked off! (big deal!)
 Maggie grabbed books for me and we snuggled with laundry and read for a little while. And by read, I mean she flipped the pages and growled a lot. While wearing no plants and one sock (she loves socks, but they are too slippery for her+hard floor, so I permit her to wear one, so she can actually walk)
 And Lets talk about the weather shall we? Monday, 70* and amazing. Tuesday stormy and almost 24 hours of tornado watches/warnings. Today, freezing rain that looks identical to styrofoam. This freezing styrofoam makes me want to stay inside all day and eat marshmallows with a little hot chocolate, and snuggle some more laundry. 
 And now I will go pretend to be stern with my two oldest who promised they would go to sleep in the guest bed together (HA!). They think I can not hear them laughing and giggling and jumping. And every once and a while I will hear the door slowly crack open and them whisper (note: No human under the age of 10 can actually whisper, they just talk breath-y) and run into their room to stock up on more ponies and barbies.
 I love have a gaggle of sisters running this place, they are so fun.

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