Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Megan on my mind

Today, I can't get my friend Megan out of my mind.

I'm stirring mac & cheese, I am thinking Megan doing the same with her son breaking her precious possessions, just to hurt  her.

I ask my girls to pick of their mess, they do it with out screaming at me and promising me that they will kill me.

Remember her? Way back when we lived in OR and lived in two little bungalows just across the ally from eachother? We did all sorts of fun things that summer. It was a little dream and whirl wind of a summer. 

And now, it's today.

Her Ossi, her son about my Lily's age, has behavior/mental? issues. He hopefully will be diagnosed soon, and honestly its heart breaking reading about what she has to deal with. Everyday. This girl, has more spark in her eye than I have ever met. She's always up for a party, she's always ready to help someone, she's good at being a mom. And she is so drained and exhausted, that spark is being extinquished. And its just dang hard to watch.

Here's her post form recently, that gives you an idea what life is like for her. HERE.

If you would, say a prayer for her, would you?
Or maybe comment on her blog, let her know you support her? 
Sometimes it's just empowering knowing you are not alone.


Tif said...

Her post breaks my heart. I commented on it. You've got my number right? If she asks, give it to her. I know we don't live far and I don't know what I could do to help out, but I do know much of how she feels, albeit somewhat different.

Megan is one of those people that from the outside looking in, I would never have guessed. I remember seeing her doing the choreography for the roadshow last summer and admiring her funkiness, her carefreeness, just...her. I never dreamed she had "so much" going on at home. Makes me realize people have probably thought the same of me and makes me grateful for the people who have come along in my life and helped lift me up.

Nina said...


Nina said...


A little Birdie... said...

Following her blog and it broke my heart too. I know prayer is an amazing tool and I'm definitely praying for her!