Friday, March 22, 2013

the fun just never ends!

yesterday at 3:00- 

Me on the the phone with Chad: "Hey, I think, well, actually I'm pretty positive Eden starting to get pink eye. I scheduled an appointment for her tomorrow morning, cause I'm pretty positive."
Me at 3:00 today talking to Chad:
"can you put Eden's eye drops in my eyes, cause now I have it."

Weeeeee! pink eye!
Weeeeee! kids barfing!

What a week!
So glad tomorrow is the weekend. And that we just made an ice cream run. And that Chad and I are going so snuggle to a movie and probably fall asleep watching it together. 

And I am also glad my lap top is kind of working! Our new charger is on it's way! So, sorry the posts are few and in between. Not into posting via phone.

But I am active on instagram!:



Krista & Tyler said...

Ew. I detest pink eye and loathe vomit. shdflkjahskdjfhas. My deepest sympathies :) And yay for ice-cream. And antibiotics and gatorade. Hang in there!

Carly said...

you need to do a blog post on your hair. the inspiration pics you used, the products you use (shampoo thru finishers). :)

sorry about the pink eye. yuck.