Thursday, March 7, 2013

our mornings:

We start with baths. 
This morning Lily wanted to be all alone (usually all three are in there!) so Mags and Eden took a shower together (they loooove the shower).
I let them marinate while I get ready for the day.
When they get out we douse their hair in de-tangeler, and they get to pick out what they want to smell like:
 They usually ALWAYS pick "sweet on Paris" cause there are macaroons + cupcake + "a present" on the front. We lotion all up and then its time for an episode of ponies or something magical like that.
While we watch ponies we snuggle and about 2 times a week we paint our nails, even Maggie!
 Today: Lils picked out a rainbow+sparkles.
Eden picked black sparkly
And I picked whatever dries the fastest for Maggie, today it was purple. 

I wonder how different our routine would be if I had three boys?!


Brooke said...

I've only got two boys, but they can't take baths together anymore because they get too rambunctious and water gets everywhere. We cuddle for a bit, too, but there's usually always some pushing involved. And ALWAYS, EVERY DAY they play with either swords, or "guns," or light sabers. Everything is a race, despite my most fervent efforts. Oh, and we talk a LOT about penises.

Megan Marie said...

hahahahahaha. you don't want to know.

Natasha and Jesse said...

How fun! I love your routine.