Thursday, April 18, 2013

bullet points and stuff.

I'm sorry, guys.
I am not doing so hot on the whole blogging-twice-a-week-thing.
I think I set my laptop up on my desk, it might help me???

Cause I do like to blog, its just sitting down and actually doing it all a sudden is hard for me.
I'd blame instagram, I mean video killed the radio star, so I figured instagram killed the blog star? Not my case, I got rid of it for a couple months and it didn't help me either. Just, don't give up on me, k e-friends?!
Things as of late:

  • Tomorrow morning a handful of friends and I are going to go to the temple then have a girl's weekend at Time Out For Women. I am so stoked!!!!!
  • Chad and I are both doing a 21 day sugar cleanse. Like, no fruit, dairy, vinegars, grains....HARD CORE. We basically only eat veggies, meats, nuts, and some oils. Oh and grapefruits+limes+lemons.  Its touch but its stupid how much better I feel, its nuts! I'm on day 11.
  • Maggie is her own woman. And definitely becoming my sassiest girl of the bunch. Its really In ten years...not so much?
  • Chad built the girls a dream playhouse+swing set out back, its amazing! We are out there daily=I push kids on swings all day.
  • Last night was the first Tornado warning that actually had me nervous, welcome to spring in Arkie!! (remember that Joplin is only like an hour away from me?...)
  • I did laundry! And divided it up! BIG DEAL. Now those piles will most likely sit there for a few more days. Might as well finish up the week on the floor right?
  • Today is rainy, cold. Yesterday was sunny and 80*. It's funny how I really dont know what to do inside all day again. Grocery shopping is a must today...maybe Ill be brave and take the girls to the art museum?
Well, that's all for now.
Ill be back on monday how bout?

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