Wednesday, June 12, 2013


k guys. Have you heard/read about Dressing Your Truth?

It's kiiiinda like a personality test, but much, much better. There is no test. Its "energy profiling" Like, you can not take a test and it tells you who you are. You have to truly do some serious soul searching to figure out what "type" you are. There are 4 types. (1, 2, 3 and 4).
I have a laundry pile yelling at me and a sleeping baby that wont be asleep much longer so I can't write a detailed synopsis of it but  I HIGHLY recommend going to their site, and start watching the videos. 

For a long time I thought I was a type 1. After about 5 months (seriously!) I finally figured out I am actually a type 3. This really helps me understand the way I think, react, feel and just live my life so much more. Everyday I have little epiphanies of "DUH! You are so type 3!". With things that I say, my facial features, things that bring me happiness...the list goes on.

And I can honestly say this journey has brought me SO much happiness and peace. 
(And I havent even bought the course you can buy that goes in depth in to your specific type. I just benefitted so much from the free videos on their site. I did borrow some of her books too from my friends and skimmed them, too.)

Anyone else out there into this? What type are you? Did it take a long time to really figure out "who you are"? Man, I did some SERIOUS soul searching in this journey, I just keep learning more and more about myself and others.

And thats al I have for today folks.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

ps- this is not a sponsored post...I wish! I just genuinely love this concept.


Emma said...

Soooo...I never heard of this. I clicked on the link and saw the video for Type 3 annnnddd....I know that girl (Sarah)! I went to HS with her. Small world. Anyway, will check into this, sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

Madi said...

Oh my goodness. My step mom just talked to me about this on Sunday. I have started watching the videos - small world! Is it so weird that I feel like we have a lot in common? Both of our moms died, both of our siblings went to Thailand on their missions and came home on the same day - and now this! Crazy!