Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Look at those girls. Eating apples on my bed watching ponies on my phone.

They are the best of sisters, best of friends.
They demand that their twin beds be pushed together so that they can be closer to each other.
When I check on them at night they are always on one side, all cuddled up together, most times holding hands (insert me getting emotional).
The other night Lily fell asleep first. So Eden snuck out and I lead her back to her bed. I laid next to her and we whispered about ponies and princesses and her favorite things. As I was getting up I watched her rub sleeping Lily's arm and stroke her hair and say "dont wowwy Wiwy, I'll help you not be scawed, and I'll  snuggle you."

Best sisters.
Best friends.

Now I am seeing Maggie grow and grow into her own woman and I am still wondering how she is going to fit in the mix of those two. It will be an adventure! 

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