Friday, October 11, 2013

A letter to my blog:

Dearest blog, I so lovingly named: Playing House,

I love you. I just need to say that first, and second, this is an apology letter.

I have neglected you so much. I am truly sorry, it's not just you that suffers when I don't visit you daily, its me and mine as well!

The thing about saying sorry, at least in our house is, it means you'll try your best to not do whatever you are apologizing for, again.

So here I am. I am really sorry,and I really want to get back into the blogging relationship we once had. Remember all the fun we've had? All the friends we've made together? SO much good has come from us working together, documenting my life.

I guess, for old time's sake, I do a few current event bullet points:

  • I fly out to Seattle TOMORROW for my sister's wedding. I will be there until just before Halloween. I am so excited!
  • Eden is FOUR TODAY!!!!!!! How did that sweet baby turn into a sweet big girl? I love her so much my heart hurts its so full.
  • October is MY month. I just love every single thing about it. I am very happy right now.
  • We sold our "well loved" red Ikea couches last week because we got a new (to us!) leather couch. For wicked cheap. I love it. Its amazing how much better (is that proper grammar?) and grown up the room looks, now I am on the hunt for a funky, awesome and yet still comfortable love seat. Target has some sweet ones online, but I'm thinking I need to go to Fayetteville and check out the rad vintage shops down there.
  • Today is the high school's homecoming. As I am riding bikes to take Lily to school this AM, the tailgate was already set up, and in full swing, I can not believe how hard AR football people party. I talked to some people and at school today, its all assemblies, pep rallies and basically a party all day with no school, amazing. 
  • Lily had her first pumpkin patch field trip today! She was SO excited, gosh I love that girl. She is so sweet.
  • We are in the process of selling our house, and buying a smaller 100 year old house about 10 miles away. I am crossing my fingers it all works out, cause it would be SO dreamy!
Well, there you go, a lot of bullet points that each individual one deserves at LEAST one post each, but "we get what we get and we don't throw a fit" (apparently a mantra the kindergardeners learn).

And I'm off, I will honestly try and blog while I am out of town, but wont feel bad if I don't get a chance. BUT once I get back home. Then I will be devoted. I need to be.

Thanks for still loving me, and being patient with me,  my sweet sweet blog,



JDS said...

I'd heard you were selling, but I'd hoped you be moving back to B-ville to be with us! ;-)

Andrea said...

Yay! I have been missing your posts!