Monday, August 19, 2013

An end and beginning of an era.

Today was Lily's first day of KINDERGARDEN!
I look at this picture and just smile and am so happy it makes my heart kind of hurt?
Lily LITERALLY is the happiest human I know. She is such a light. 
I am so happy for her, to be in school. She has been ready since last year. And I am LOVING having a routine set and days having a plan. Its nice, and with three at home for some reason, it was hard for me to do that on my own. Anyways, tangent from what I was trying to document....I think the reason taking your babies to kindergarden is so happy, yet heart breaking is because it becomes very real that your kids are God's kids. That they come to this life for the same reason I did, to learn and grow to become what God wants them to become. And, They didn't come into my life just to be my kid.

Which, is wonderful. I know Lily will move mountains, in her very happy, kind, silly way. She will. The world is a happier place with her in it.
Eden, oh my sweet Eden. Lily is her other half. They do EVERYTHING together. This year will be a big adjustment. Lily won't be with her 24/7 anymore, AND she starts pre-school next week! Their goodbye was so dramatic and sweet. A very long, and tight embrace:
E:"I'm gonna miss you Wilwy."
L:"I'm going to miss you too, Eden."
E:"And...are you gonna miss my weindeew (reindeer), too?"
L:"of course."

And then just like that, we left, and she stayed. 
And we began a whole new stage in life.


Southern Belle said...

I seriously started to tear up reading this... so sad (the separation). Berkeley was reaching for Cheyenne crying "Cheyenne!! Cheyenne! Don't weave me!" It was so sad, but Berkeley has been so so good all day long, its like she is a whole new child. And we snuggled and took a two hour nap together... doesn't get any better than that. Life is amazing with one child at home...

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Your girls hugging made me a little weepy. What sweet ladies you have. You are so blessed to have that happy girl. Good luck with this new phase of life. You will be astounded with the amount of learning Lily will do!

Emma said...

AGHHH!!! More tearing up with the Eden/Lily farewell! So so cute :).

Andrea said...

I love your perspective about how she is not just yours. So, so true. Those are some cute girls you've got!

Anonymous said...

Tearing up over here too! I'm going to be a wreck when Kaden starts next year! Kaden and Colton are the same way - together 24/7 (well, I do give them a 2 hour break during nap time). They are the absolute best of friends and it is the best thing in the world.