Tuesday, November 5, 2013

on a rainy november day

Lily is at big girl school,
Eden is at preschool,
and Maggie is asleep.
And so I am home, snuggled up with a blanket and The Civil Wars pandora playing softly.
[Family pics!] 
"I should write about stuff" I think.
Want to know something about me? I think, A LOT. I am constantly thinking thinking thinking. For the most part, deep thoughts, and ideas, and things I want to accomplish.

[please be mindful that there will be little flow, as these are just my thoughts rushing out of me]
So, what am I am thinking a lot about lately?
1)Home school.
Yes. Did that make you cringe/get excited/want to tell me that's crazy?
I really think the girls and I could, and would be awesome at it if we did it. For all sorts of reasons. But I also get worried about far in the future, how would I teach them certain subjects, how will I help them not be weird? And I plan on taking it one year at a time, re-evaluating the girls' and my needs. I am currently researching curriculum and what would would be a good fit for us.

2)My body. How I treat it, what "works" for me, what science tells me, what my heart and spirit tells me. How I like to be curvy. If I try to be super toned and skinny, I am just a big loser in the wrong game. When I eat healthy, run daily, and let my body be curvy-big boobs, big hips, I feel like I am winning in the game. Sometimes I need to remind myself that.

3)I have been wanting to grow my hair out for about 4 months now. But today I woke up and said "screw that!" and texted Robin, my hair girl, and set an appointment, bring back that faux hawk! A red one!

4)Houses. Do you know what my dream house is? A little apartment in San Fran where its so small it requires a triple bunk, and us to not have a lot of stuff. WELL, we found a little old (100 years old!) house we want to by that would be like that, except, in Arkansas...not San Francisco. Can we all stop reading now, and say a prayer that our house (its under contract!) will continue to sell, and that we can by that little old house (we're under contract!). I hope it happens. I will be amazing/hard/crazy/fun/rewarding/frustrating.

I am thinking about a lot of other stuff too, but Mags just woke up and yelling at me from her crib.
Adios, love you, my dear blog.


Teresa said...

So good to see your post. You look so, so beautiful in that photo. I know that you will find the answers that you are searching for regarding home school. My fingers are crossed that the sale of your house goes through!

Unknown said...

k. so you don't know me to well if at all.... but. I've read your blog for a long time, and I was kind of surprised that you put Lily in public school.. Why? because I think you'd be amazing at homeschooling.. You seem to have so much fun with your kids and already teach them so much.. I can totally see your kids and you succeeding at homeschooling.
And there are SO SO SO many resources now a days to help, especially when they are in higher grades.

Emma said...

Boom baby- bring on the faux hawk again. IT'S FUN!!!! And coloring is FUN!!! And it suits you well :). I keep telling David, I have plenty of time for longer hair, whereas the hawk doesn't...I think once I reach a certain age it won't look cool and I'll just look like a dork.
Homeschool- you'd do well. You have the awesome personality to do it. But know that whatever you do decide- it will be a good one.
Your family is super cute.
Good luck with the house....exciting!!!!!

Erin said...

Rachel I LOVE these photos! They're amazing, you guys look great! All the best with the house, can't wait to see what you do with it - you have the most awesome and inspiring decorating ideas xx

Tif said...

I need to hear more about the house! Last I talked to chad y'all were trying to head back this way. Speaking of which, we will have to plan a co-family vacay in Branson with our timeshare. It's just a 10 hour drive for us once we get out to Madison!