Tuesday, December 10, 2013

day SIX of a snowed in week.

Can you believe its almost Christmas!?!?
I was a bridesmaid in a wedding a little before thanksgiving, 
I love wedding, especially this one. So sweet, those two just adored eachother.
I love going to weddings because it just reminds me of how sweet I have it with my love.

aaaaaaaaand heres Maggie. With Ooh-Ah. Her true love. They do everything together.

I just finished face-timing my sister in Portland. Can we all take a moment and thank The Good Lord for technology? I mean seriously. I can see her face to face (kind of) and we can show christmas presents to each other and its awesome.

Also, Today is day 6 of being snowed in. Literally snowed in. No school tomorrow, again. Im plumb out of my bag of mom tricks. We're solid cookie eaters and movie watchers and I don't. even. care. I love/hate it. I think I wont know what to do when school starts up again. Routine? Showers? Brushing my teeth? Not eating cookies all day? I'm not so sure I'm ready for this.

Ok. Before I start rambling even more, I'm hopping off. 

Peace out y'all.

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The Jensen Family said...

Feel your pain lady!! Same at our house.
PS...did you guys move this year? I am ready to send out Christmas cards and am questioning if I have your right address. If I don't cause you moved this year, will you text or email or message me or something so I can get that fixed!
Hope all is well. :)