Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A week of being snowed in and such.

We've been snowed in since Thursday. Yes, like, last week Thursday.
Being stuck inside makes some people wear unicorn headbands all day and not even notice until bed time.
It make grown men wear cowboy boots and pink shorts to measure the snow fall.
 It also demands LOTS of sugar cookies. Pretty positive we're all going to be diabetic by the end of all this from all the stupid sugar cookies. Send help! It also demands pomegranates! Chad+the girls LOVE, no, ARE OBSESSED with pomegranates. Chad is so beautifully meticulous when taking out each little kernel thing, doesn't miss ONE. My girls just sit around like vultures and then he spoon feeds each of them in a line.
 We are southerners now I guess. This means my kids wear rain boots, random jackets, socks for gloves to play out in the snow. You will often seen kids with bread bags or walmart bags rubber banded around their shoes to stay dry. Yup, we're that awesome round these here parts y'all. OH and I, I FIT INTO MY SNOWBOARD STUFF FROM 8 YEARS AGO. That's amazing, considering how many cookies I've consumed and my lack of gym attendance for the past while (foot injury, boo!)

And Chad, my true love. We have no hills close enough to walk to in our hood, so Chad pulled the girls in a little turtle sandbox up and down our street. 

These girls are so lucky to have him as a  dad and they know it.

And there you have it. What a snow day week does to us.
Tomorrow there should be school, and then I guess we get back to real life. 

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