Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BFF's from across the Atlantic

Remember how we have awesome blog/pen pals?
That they live in Norway?
(she shared a typical tuesday, remember?)

On our way to Chicago for Thanksgiving we figured out from instagram that not only was she in the states, but in Illinois too!
On the way home we met up for a short visit/nice to meet you hugs in the middle of nowhere, Mechanicsburg, IL.

It was so amazing seeing Sarah and her beautiful family.
It was bitter sweet for me, cause now we miss them. Lily keeps asking to go play with "the other Lilly". Sarah and I, I think we could make the best neighbors ever. Our girls are the same ages OH AND her oldest is Lilly Belle, my oldest is Lily Belle WHAT. We like similar things and you know how you meet someone and just kinda click? Thats how I felt. we are planning and saving pennies for a trip to Norway in a the future. I mean, we have to now, right?

Oh and she totally spoiled us with Norwegian goodies, too.
God bless technology for connecting people and helping make friendships!

PS---Her dad made her bring a baseball bat in their car. For self defense. Incase we turned out to be psychos. I died laughing.

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kibler said...

Totally felt the same way! I cant wait til we meet again! Hugs,