Monday, February 29, 2016

meet me in St. Louis!

We got away for a long weekend.
We left Thursday night with absolutely no plan or schedule. No one we had to meet up with. We have NEVER done that before, and it was so needed and wonderful I can not put it into words.

We booked our hotels on the way to them (which by the way was awesome cause we ended up getting the swankiest hotels for less than half their normal rate) we asked locals where to eat which meant we ate crazy good food at really cool places.

It was the first time I felt really relaxed in a long time. Relaxed meaning: Chad and I didn't have a huge cloud of "to-do's" following us around.

Favorite place we played at: the City Museum. Which completely and absolutely blew our minds. The only way I can describe it is: an architect and an artist tripped on acid and had a baby. It was so rad. Three words: TEN STORY SLIDE.  Seriously.

My favorite places we ate at:   1)Rooster  for breakfast (I had the roasted tomato, goat cheese and bacon crepe) it was all so yummy I could barely handle it.

2)Pi was my second favorite. St. Louis style deep dish pizza, great atmosphere and great people watching.

We are home now.
I feel like I have perspective again.
I have motivation and my batteries were totally re-charged.
Come at me world! I am ready!

So, thanks St. Louis. You are a very happy memory to fall back on when days get hard.

And now here are two crappy pictures:
The second hotel we stayed at (called Magnolia!!!) was so fancy I loved it.
And I woke up to Maggie doing some jazzercise in a leopard swimsuit.
Totally normal.

Us in the elevator headed out to the zoo.
Obviously I'm amazing at this because you can really only see chad and my cleavage.
So. There ya go.

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Unknown said...

I am so happy your back to blogging!!!! We went to the city museum when we were in st. Luis and we loved it!!!!