Wednesday, February 24, 2016

a quick post on my 30th

I am officially THIRTY today! Honestly I am so stoked. I have been looking forward to being 30 for a long time.

On Monday I went out to dinner with a small handful of my close friends. [side note, glad I did early because today I've been holding barf bowls for kid+husband -insert party emoji-] We talked a lot as all lady friends do, including getting older and stuff. Apparently 30 is a big milestone and some people get a *little* upset/mad/emotional about getting older.
|Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Rands, Mama on some peak in WA|
As many of you know, my mom died when I was young. She was young, 36 years old to be exact. I recently had dinner with one of her best friends she considered a sister. She told me how when my mom was really sick, she would say: "if I ever get old enough to get arthritis, I am throwing a party!". Another time I vividly remember is when while she was bald, and tired from radiation+chemo, a friend of hers came over and complained about getting older (grey hair and stuff) and after she left she looked at me and said: she has no idea how bad I want to be able to have grey hair and be a grandma.

SO. Am I upset about turning 30?

Glory, glory hallelujah I am alive another year.

So happy birthday to me, and here's to MANY, many more!


Natasha and Jesse said...

Happy Birthday! I love your perspective.

Kelsey said...

Love this!! I need to remember this as I see those wrinkles in the mirror. :) It truly is a blessing to grow old.

And, I am so glad your blog is back. blogging is therapeutic for me too and it's good for me to go back and read old posts and reflect on how far I've come.