Thursday, March 10, 2016

three 3:33 snap shots on a Thursday

After school we have a snack of some kind. On Fridays we stop and get a slushy on the way home for good behavior (or I just need a dt.coke). We have a little down time of watching one show or playing on some type of device. We all need a little brain melting sometimes, right?(Eden's current favorite show ever is Monster Fish on Netflix. She's such a weirdo just like me)

Then no matter the weather I kick everyone outside.
Not on purpose, we started a tradition where I pull up dance'n tunes on my phone and we dance on the deck for a while.
Cause we don't care, we're driving Cadillacs  in our dreams
-Sneaky little Mags got a marshmallow from the s'mores box-
 -We have no dishwasher = we have a plethora of paper plates.
Which sometimes double as a canvas-
-Eden even added a mask today-

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kj vondra said...

I absolutely love that you're blogging again! And I admire your chutzpah for life. Even in the mundane, you do you really well. Go girl (so yes, I'm in my early 30s for saying go girl without thought of how dated that makes me), and thanks for giving this another go! (some reason this is signed into my husbands account and too lazy to sign out and back in this morning). Love knowing another mama out there is just going at it!