Wednesday, August 27, 2008

7 months ago i was in a lot of pain

and it was all totally worth it. Thats right, my Lily Belle is 7 months old today! at 6:01pm to be exact. I was planning on getting some really cute pictures of her today when we were out side on our walk...but definitely didnt.
Lils has a whole new bunch of tricks she has come up with this past month:
-scoots backwards, and then gets really made and squeals and screeches at her toys that are slowly getting further away from her.
-She gets on hands and knees and rocks back and forth, back and forth and then she will either face plant or just lay her head down cause its just a hard work out.
-She is now taking one short morning nap and then two naps during the afternoon/evening that last from 1-3 hours.
-She eats rice cereal with ease, but prefers oatmeal. She also loves green beans...where did she get that from?!
- she as of today is trying to pull her self up on things, her crib and my bin of sewing/crafty stuff (as seen in the pic below)
-for the first time EVER in her whole life, she rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep...i about died, she NEVER even gets close to putting her head on my shoulder let alone falls asleep?! LOVED it.
-She totally loves dad, and gets very sick of being with her mom all day every day...we have to take breaks outside so she can get her space on the grass:)
-Lily is now a loud kid, at church we have to take her out during sacrament meeting basically every Sunday, not because she is fussy or crying, just yelling and grunting really.
Some of Chad's ear muff thingys that were great in Rexburg, Lily looks so different w/out those ears.
Lily also loves to eat paper, and tags. No joke, lay her on the ground, and with in like 5 minutes she will find paper, even if you didnt know it was there. And the tag thing, she could care less about cool squeakers, or shiny things on her cool toys, nope, goes straight for the tags. This is a picture of her playing with the tag...that I didnt even know was there, its under her toy.


Becca said...

Camden is the same way! Every sunday we are out in the hall. And not because he's mad, because he's LOUD. =) LOL. I would prefer that he was loud and not mad anyway. Kids are great. Lils sure is cute. Don't you love midnight sun? I want more too. I am so glad she is publishing it.

the jensen's said...

I love those ears! Hope Chad is having fun at grad school! It really is a different world, eh? (The drinking I mean...)

Sarah said...

I totally understand about Lily's paper diet! Sophie is the same way. I have no idea how much she has actually swallowed, but no adverse affects yet!