Thursday, August 28, 2008


phrases or words often used by rachel, and their meanings.

totally: agreement, emphasis on any word, understanding, confirming, completely. ex: i totally underestimated it.
basically: i basically put this word in every sentence.
billy goat: same as satchel, but usually meaning dumb, rather than jerk ex: 'yeah,well at least im not a billy goat'
satchel: our term for 'jerk' or other derogatory names. ex: "you are such a satchel" or "stop being such a satchel"

frils??!?: for-reals
Jimmle: Chad
dude: see totally, are you serious?, agreement, question, surprise, disgust... its all my tone of voice that makes so many meanings.
burdo: burrito
yeashe: yes
insane: disbelief, or crazy. my most common phrase: "is that not insane??"
crazytown: weird, scary, mentally unstable, crazy, a location, basically crazy on a whole new level. ex: "he is so crazytown." " that was crazytown." " she is the governor of crazytown"
kern: corn
bird: bread
jodd and toy: todd and joy
so: start of a sentence. ex: "so basically i love chad."

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Natasha Holmquist said...

what the butt! I always say crazy town!? Have you said that a long time? because I might have picked it up from you when we were in highschool or something. haha crazy town.