Thursday, August 28, 2008

new music love.

So my friend Meghan, she basically is my outlet for finding new artists/bands. She goes to a concert a week basically, i live vicariously through her:)Her fave is Asher In The Rye. I am in LOVE! check them out, its pop-folk, so most people probably wont dig it but i do.
ps-talk about about posting a million posts eh?


Carly said...

HEY! THAT IS ASHLEY HOUSE!! she went to school at byu-i! and she is the most sock-rocking-awesome ever. looove her!

Carly said...

haha yeah i know the gung hoes too i think i was there when they very first played at music outlet. that's ashley house, too, and her friend i think her name was lindsay (she's on a mission for the church right now). they're really cool girls haha!

have you ever heard the innocence mission? you'd like them i think.

asher said...

Hey thanks for the shout out.
This is Asher In The Rye.
I just wanted to let you know that the support means a lot.


ps - Lily is beautiful, Ive always loved that name, looks like you are one lucky girl.