Thursday, September 4, 2008

think i figured it out.

So thank you SOOO much everyone with giving me a piece of your mind and sending me to links regarding the election. I took a quiz and it told me that I agree with Obama alot more than McCain...that totally shocked me. I have to go against my quiz though, there are some issues that are too big to override and trump the others. I am going to vote republican. I dont think that either of the men running are 'evil' I bet Obama is a great man, I just agree with McCain more on some issues. W/ environment, education, the war and some health care I am all Obama, but I am NOT cool with abortion. I used to be on the fence honestly, thinking, maybe its none of my business, that if people wanna sqrew up its non of my business and maybe it should be a choice...then I had Lily. NO WAY should it be ok. It is a lot to ask of a woman to carry a child (I KNOW,been there, done that...yikes) weather they want it or not, but the way I see it, there is a reason that baby is there, trying to get to earth, God sent it, there are SO many families that want to adopt...oh man I could just go on and on. That really is my selling point. As well as gay marriage. I probably am not going to wear a McCain t-shirt, or get a bumper sticker (I'd probably get jumped here in OR :) but I do plan on voting republican. I was reading over the speeches from either parties and I really really really do NOT like how either party speaks poorly of the other candidate, I know were all not going to be friends, but we can at least be respectful right? check this out, Kaitlyn sent me to it, it was helpful! Also check out CNN, they have great profiles of the candidates, you can click on a issue and see both what McCain plans on doing and what Obama plans on doing.

On a completely different note: I went to the gym today and left Lils in the child care center...yikes, she screamed the WHOLE time. Hello separation anxiety.


Jeremy Saunders said...

another thing about abortion, you can't do something and not take responsibility for it. If you had unprotected sex and get pregnant, own up to it...that's saying a lot about a country that would be okay with that idea. I know rape, abuse, whatever, those are different cases...but for the most part, some people were just not thinking with the brain, and they shouldn't just be able to get rid of what they did in such a quick way. I have known girls who had more than one abortion, it's like they have no sense of owning up to it. Where did you take the quiz, I probably would turn out to be on the Obama side as well. Jeremy wants Palin for pres.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry for doing this, but I can't not say anything. I understand your view on abortion and I am definitely not FOR abortion by any means, but I think it is wrong that the government should have ANY say in such a personal and life changing decision in a person's life. Palin wants abortion to be illegal 100% of the time...just ask yourself what you would want to do if you were raped by your uncle or dad, or step-brother or some guy on the street that you didn't even know and got pregnant and then think twice about voting to take away your freedom to choose for yourself. Also, you're right, there are many families looking to adopt, but there are also millions of children in foster care or even homeless that are being neglected and abused on a daily basis. I'm not sticking up for abortion, but I'm saying that people have a right to choose for themselves. McCain wants to send thousands of more troops into Iraq - further establishing what is quickly turning from a relief effort into a dictatorship; he wants to build many additional nuclear power plants that all generate nuclear waste that, as of right now, has no place to be disposed of safely INSTEAD of exploring or further developing other sustainable forms of energy that would make us less dependent on oil; he wants to tap into the oil reserves in the wildlife refuge in Alaska which can potentially kill millions of animals; he supports private citizins owing ASSAULT rifles - why in the world do my neighbors need to own an assault rifle? Anyways...I have said more than enough. These obviously represent my opinions and my priorities. I am very glad that we all the right to choose what we believe is most important and vote accordingly, but I would hope that you realize that by voting pro-choice, I'm obvoiously not saying I'm "anti-life," I'm saying that the government should not be able to take away women's rights to choose. I'm sorry to rant Rach. I love you like crazy...and I am now offically done talking about the election and the candidates. :)

Clayton and Camea said...

Wow...people are so closed minded that they believe whatever someone else has told them. That said, Even if someone were raped (not nice, obviously and obviously emotionally traumatic) that's still a's still a baby and by having an abortion that's MURDER. By definition life starts with a heartbeat, and people usually don't know they're pregnant before that heart starts beating.

As to sending more troops to Iraq...Who's had experience in war? McCain, that's who. Not Obama. If we were to totally pull out of Iraq, it would get ALOT worse there for the Iraqi's and for us. My Brother in Law is in the Airforce has been over there several times and every time he's there a day doesn't go by that some Iraqi person doesn't come up to him and says "Thank you, you don't know what this means to us" As American's we have the responsibility to stand up to Tyrany. What would the world have been like if during WW2 we would have said, sorry Europe but Hitler isn't our problem, we're just going to take care of the Japanese and leave you to fend for yourselves. Europe would be speaking German, there'd be no more Eurpoean Jew or Gypsies not to mention people with Downs or other developmental delays and Blacks. It even says in our constitution that we have that responsiblity. It's not a dictatorship! Pull your head out of the sand.

As to the energy issues. What's wrong with tapping into our own resources by drilling offshore and in Alaska...Hello! The chinese are STEALING our oil by drilling under the line just off our borders. The animals aren't being a little research, they like it. It's warm, it makes the plants grow like crazy and they have more to feed on... If you took a bunch of football feilds lined them up and then stuck ONE dime on them that's how big of a spot would be used for drilling. We have the oil, let us use it. Besides, McCain didn't say that he would only use Nuclear and drilling to supply the energy needs, he talked about further developing ALL options available, wind, solar, hydroelectrical as well as others. Obama has his head in the clouds saying that in 10 years we'll totally get rid of oil...which fuels the jet he's so found of zipping around the country in. Impossible, if with the best of intentions, there's absolutley no way that we could get rid of our dependency on oil in only 10 years.

What's wrong with people owning guns?? The first thing Hitler did when he gained power was to take away a private citizens right to own a gun...thus eliminating any potintial resistance. One of the safest countries in the world is Switzerland, lots of people there have assult rifles. I'm not saying that everyoen should go out and get one, but with proper education there's absolutley nothing wrong with it...First assult rifles, then all guns, then no way of protecting or providing (ie hunting in case of some major catastrophy) for your families.

So for me, I'm for McCain and Palin, I'd rather our country stay free.