Thursday, September 18, 2008

a jumble

the past few days I have just fallen even more in love with being a mother. I seriously can not think of anything more fun and fulfilling out there.You can make the mundane hilarious and fun filled or just let it be mundane, eating, changing bums, out side time, naps...all of which are awesome! (not so much the bum part) Like this morning Lils woke up at 4 AM hungry and wanting to First reaction was 'pretend I dont hear and have Chad get her'. Then I said to my self, in few years she wont be tiny and wont flail and squeal when I pick her up out of the crib, and she also wont fall asleep in my arms. So I am pledging to Lily and myself that I will enjoy every little bit of being a mom. Who cares if we get up super early? We can take a nap together later.
if you can not tell, that is a little mirror that Lily is yelling at. Even cute babies cant resist cute babies:)
DJ Lily, this morning was Pandora, Imogen Heap style, and I have to say, it was a lovely choice. We found a new favorite song: Color Blind (ya know that counting crows song?) by Natalie beautiful, almost brought tears.
This I Lily winning in our 'smile down'. We will be playing or chewing on stuff and all a sudden she high tails it out of here and heads for the hall, then realizes that she is a lone and starts getting scared. I beckon her back and smile real big and she smiles and I smile...and so forth until someone crawls to the other.
I also have a question, and for the record I am NOT prego but I have been talking to a buncha different people who used a mid-wife vs a doc...what do you think? Which is better and why? Just curious, always wondered and figured I would as my blogging void.
and also, in case you were wondering, our house actually is clean. but every time I am talking pictures inside its when Lily has pulled everything out...we are not total slobs, promise.


Bethany, Scott, and family said...

I heard people talk about mid-wives and they liked it a lot, because they didn't force you to do things you didn't want to do. However, I really enjoyed being in the hospital because I felt like if anything went wrong they would be able to act on it quickly than if I was at home. Of coarse you can have the mid-wife at the hospital too, but that's just even more people in the room. I guess it depends on how you feel.

Krista & Tyler said...


I have to say that I admire your writing style and your vernacular. I find myself fascinated by your blog, and what has impressed me the most about it is your testimony column on the side. Lily is going to have an amazing testimony because you will teach her all you know - I really want to be more like you. I feel like I know you all over again. I can't tell you how much I miss seeing you going for a run while I walked to the library those long summers ago. haha I really do with I was more like you.
Thank you for your constant example. I owe you.

Also-definitely go the hospital route. I know you had medical training, so just going back to what a hospital has available in case anything should go wrong. Time is of the essence with a neonate, hence why I'm wary of mid-wife selection. Too many things to risk (but maybe I'm paranoid) with that.... I don't know. Im just a nerd :) not a mom yet.

Rachel-seriously, you bring me to tears. I feel really humbled knowing you and all that you're striving to do. I really do hope follow your example and to keep blogging cause I just suck at it. haha What's your motivation for blogging? :)

Thanks again for all you are. I love it!


Tif said...

Lily is seriously a doll...I think I need to meet her in person someday soon!

OB vs midwife? If I had my choice I'd go midwife, and that's even after having the most horrific pregnancy/birth, etc experience. I wanted to do a midwife with Keira by my mom convinced me to do an OB with my first because she had so many problems staying pregnant. The thought was then, after a smooth pregnancy, I'd go midwife and deliver at Bellingham's awesome Birth Center on Cornwall/Alabama. But I developed pre-e with Keira at the end and then Scharae came along so quickly that I was told by one midwife that I was too high-risk so I went back to Dr Cook (who is the coolest OB to have, anyhow!). And then her pregnancy went crazy and after that I was no longer a midwife candidate. AND with Kaiser insurance they wouldn't have let me see a midwife with Taela, anyhow.

All that said...I'd much rather have had a midwife. Cori (my brother) and his wife had their Lilly with a midwife in May or June and it was an awesome experience, it sounds like. I'm totally jealous of them!

The reality is that midwives are so closely affiliated with OB's that you would get any hospital help about as quickly as you would anyhow. And most things that end up REQUIRING the hospital are things that go wrong before you're in labor and are found at a dr appointment, in which case a midwife would do the same as your ob-get you to a hospital.

Wow...that was long. I'm very passionate on birth experiences and hospitals. Heck, I'd love to have a home birth and mourn the fact that I never will!

Jeremy Saunders said...

You better talk to April about that one! I am all for hospitals, hook me up, and give me drugs! Just kidding. I am a wuss and do feel safer knowing there will be machines ready if anything goes wrong, but the natural home birth sounds fascinating...and is probably cheaper if you don't have good insurance.
I am glad someone enjoys motherhood as much as I do and finds joy in even their baby's farts (me, not you). It goes by very fast, and now my baby is six...but he still cuddles, thank goodness!

Unknown said...

I never saw a dr my whole pregnancy, up until it was time for the emergency C-section. I loved seeing midwives. They were always so "motherly", they never made me feel like a "patient". Salem does have a great birth center, so if you guys have baby while out here, you can really go either way, and still have access to the same things. At the hospital there's always a doctor near by if needed.

kaitlyn said...

I like having an OB. (I also have Dr Cook and LOVE him). The midwife thing sounds cool, and it is way cheaper. i think $400 for the birth as opposed to I paid close to $15k (luckily i had insurance that covered some of it) and i didn't even have drugs. But.... I am definitely considering a doula. They are like a compromise between the two choices. i want to use one this time, but trev likes the idea of just us two, but i should just put my foot down but i get where he is coming from. Anyway, check that out too!