Thursday, September 18, 2008

just call me a janitor, a Kangaroo or possibly a Koala.

Does anyone else have views like this all day? I do. Yes those toys are attached to my belt loop. Yes I also have chap stick, a cell phone, keys and a bottle cap in a pocket.Yes there are two jingly toys in my bra and yes I walk around like this in public. Usually Lils in attached to my hip though.Oh the joys of motherhood :)
"Im like Bette Midler, in 'For The Boys'...gotta keep the troops entertained"- Michael Scott


Tif said...

I love it!

So...I need an email or a phone number or something. I guess Natalie has your number, huh? I'm thinking Thursday next week for the AC Gilbert house. I haven't run that by her yet, though. I'll either get your number from her, or have her call you...or both!

Oh, and hey, we should all do Sunday dinner sometime, too. I need a swift kick in the rear to clean my house every now and then in the form of visitors!

A little Birdie... said...

kingly toys in your bra huh? for lily or for chad?!