Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ya know that part

in Harry Potter when Ron has to play chess or they all die? Well if it ever comes down to loading the dishwasher with a million dishes or die, I am your Ron Weesley. I wont lie to you, I am the ultimate player in dishwasher tetris. I think this may be a genetic trait, I remember my mom being the same way. Every time I see my dishwasher I want to give it a kiss, or at least a high-five, cause like few of us now a days do, I know what its like not having one, and I am grateful for my little cube, sudsy friend. So thank you dishwasher, for not only providing clean dishes but also a spell bounding skill.


Nicole said...

OK, can I tell you that I freaking love my dishwasher because I went so long without one. I'm still so traumatized that sometimes I start washing, washing them by myself. Ya I forget I own that box of heaven!

Carly said...

man i wish i had a dishwasher! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Unknown said...

I want one SOOOOO bad!