Monday, February 1, 2010


running errands is kinda not fun.
but its made fun when the one you fancy takes a lunch break and goes to the post office and bank with you.

side note:
Someone left a sweet comment a few posts back,
but deleted it.
So didn't get to respond,
but know you are sweet
and we can be blog friends:)


April said...

I hope this isn't wierd. I'm a friend of Ashley's (Jensen). When I go and read her blog, I sometimes go and read yours too. It's so refreshing. I love your insights on life and being a Mom. It's obvious where your priorities lie. We actually lived 3 apartments down from you in College Ave. apartments. You were known as the apartment with the gigantic snake in the wall...yikes. :) Hope you don't mind me reading every now and then....

Erin_C said...

I'm the crazy post comment deleter. I commented, then thought maybe you didn't appreciate strangers reading your blog, and deleted it. I promise I'm not a creepy person. I'm glad we can be blog friends;-)