Monday, April 19, 2010

just like the 'ol days

We had a beautiful Sunday.
Beautiful weather, beautiful family, beautiful gospel.
Went to the park and picniced for hours.
We put the girls to bed, our neighbor came down and ate cookies we made her and we went for a little walk, just the two of us. Just like the 'ol days, sans babies.
In fact it was the first time we have gone on a night walk with out babies since...we were with out babies.

It was lovely.

Being married is the best.


Tif said...

John and I got an evening of lying on the sofa just hanging out yesterday-my brother took the girls to the park and for ice cream. It was so nice to remember what it's like to have our house to ourselves but so nice to have the girls back, too!

We're totally up for Round 2-call or text me!

The Jensen Family said...

Still bummed we missed the picnic outting, but glad you had fun and I am totally jealous of the night walk without kids.