Friday, July 16, 2010

MY nana

Lily loves our neighbors, and they love her.
She calls Dianne, "MY Nana" and Gary "Guy".
After a long day of friend-hopping we came home and the first thing she said to "her" Nana was: "hot tub?!"
So off they went in My Nana's backyard and when I got back there Dianne was in the water, fully dressed.

"Lily didn't want to wait, so we just got in."
My Nana and Guy are probably the hardest
thing about us leaving Salem.

On the moving sale front, it's going great.
We still have stuff,
so if you are in the market for awesome,
stop by, we have it.


Tif said...

I'm so excited for the huge chalkboard! Now I don't have to paint my wall with chalkboard paint! I'm going to send John over either tomorrow evening or Saturday to come get it!

Oh, and did Chad tell you that Keira chose....a tape measure? She was pretty excited and proud to show it to her dad!

diane said...

Chad and Rachel and Lily and Eden.


Tonight I had to feed Fish all by myself. No little hand reaching into mine to pick out one tiny little speck at a time. No Lily eyes peeking through the mail slot. No duck decoys scraping along the sidewalk. No laughter from the blue house. No Lily calling, "Nanna".

Thank you so much for coming into our lives and sharing your joy. You are beautiful, beautiful people and you brought so much fun into our quiet little world. We love you.

Hugs and love,
Nanna and Guy
AKA Diane and Gary