Sunday, October 24, 2010


Chad:"Lils, time to get ready for bed, all done with the stickers."

Lily:" no. I need to sticker mommy."

Not only is "sticker" a noun, but it is also a verb (an action) in our house.

She in fact, did sticker me. Stickered me good. I had approximately 10 billion Dora stickers from my collar bones up.

Dora is the reason Lily is potty trained, the way I can reward her/have quiet time (watch an episode on the lap top!), the reason she knows Spanish words in the correct context, and the reason she hopefully will be more ok going to nursery at church.

I've said it once, I'll say it a billion times: God bless Dora.

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Emma said...

yay for Dora! ps- I hope you got home fine- I'm sitting here listening to the rain and wind. I think I'm going to track you down.

Bonnie said...

FOR REAL! Lucy loves Dora too... she is always asking to watch Dora on the "puter"